Zymplectic project

Zymplectic is a numerical symplectic integration platform intended for scientific and educational purposes.

Zymplectic project goal

  • To have an efficient numerical engine that can run on any supported OS without any programming environment set up.
  • To collect all integrator coefficients of SPRK and RKN methods scattered over hundreds of challenging articles often behind paywalls.
  • To simplify the task of numerical integration without compromising the flexibility required by complex numerical systems.
  • To showcase applications and properties of Hamiltonian systems.
  • To test and benchmark newly discovered methods and to aid future endeavours in the field of explicit symplectic integration.
  • To make numerical integration accessible to a wider audience, hopefully also reaching those with no experience in c/c++ and only basic understanding in physics and calculus.
  • Feedback, suggestions, bug reports:




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